About Sunrise Engineering Corporation

Our Sunrise Engineering Corporation, the year 2020 marks our 30th Anniversary since the business was established in 1988.
Since the establishment, we have expanded base on Machida City, Tokyo, Center on Kanagawa Prefecture with a wide coverage on the Kanto Area. Although we have a small number of employees, we have built up trust and relationships between customers, other companies in the same industry over the years.
We are confident in the industry network that we have cultivated and flexible response in that industry. In recent years, it has been awarded annually as an excellent Daikin distributor.
Now, due to changes in climatic environment and deterioration of facilities, the relationship between air conditioning ventilation, water supply and drainage is becoming increasingly more and more inseparable from the living environment surrounding us including public spaces, commercial facilities, offices, schools and residence.

Company Profile

Company name Sunrise Engineering Corporation (株式会社サンライズエンジニアリング)
Founded 1988
Established July 1992
Capital JPY 10,000,000
Employees Non-consolidated 13/ Consolidated 16
※Updated On October 2020
Representatives Kenji Sasaki (佐々木 憲司), Representative Director and Chairman
Noriaki Sasaki (佐々木 憲明), Managing Director
Hideki Yonemori (米森 英樹), Director
Subsidiary Sun Ecology Corporation (株式会社サンエコロジー)
Business Content ◎Water Supply And Drainage Sanitation Equipment Construction
◎Repair And Maintenance Service Of Air-conditioning & Refrigeration systems (Home and Business Air-conditioning, Offices, Manufacturing factories, Public Spaces etc.....)
Water & Sewage Supply Construction Tokyo designated water supply equipment constructor
Kawasaki City designated water supply equipment constructor
Authorization □ Construction License (Plumbing Business):
  Issued By Governor of Tokyo (General-2, No.101891)
□ Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Business License:
  Issued By Governor of Tokyo (No.12-B-179)
□ High Pressure Gas Sale:
  Issued By Governor Of Tokyo 8 Environment No.77
□ Class 1 Freon Collection Supplier registered in :
  Tokyo/ Kanagawa/ Chiba/ Saitama/ Tochigi/ Ibaraki
□ Water Supply equipment constructor designated in:
  Tokyo (No.6309) / Kanagawa (No. 1565)
□ Industrial waste collection transportation supplier registered in:
  Tokyo (No.13-00-168121) / Kanagawa (No. 14-00-168121)
Business Associate □ Clients
  NIHON MECCS Co.,Ltd. (日本メックス株式会社)
  AEON DELIGHT Co.,Ltd. (イオンディライト株式会社)
  Seven & i Food Systems Co.,Ltd. (セブン&アイ・フードシステムズ株式会社)
  Sawayaka Credit Bank (さわやか信用金庫), and others (in random order, w/o honorifics)
□ Suppliers
  Daikin HVAC Solution Tokyo Co.,Ltd. (ダイキンHVACソリューション東京株式会社)
  WATANABE PIPE Co.,Ltd. (渡辺パイプ株式会社)
  KOIZUMI TAMA Co.,Ltd (株式会社小泉多摩)
  Hitachi Air Conditioning Kanto Co.,Ltd (日立空調関東株式会社)
Main Construction Sites NTT Group related facilities
AEON Group related retail stores
Seven & i Food Systems related food franchise stores
Skylark Group related food franchise stores
Sawayaka Credit Bank branches, and others
Main Bank Kawasaki Credit Bank
Member Organization Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Facility Association Of Tokyo (Tama Area Branch)
The High Pressure Gas Safety Institute Of Tokyo

Sale office Information/Map


Kawasaki Sale Office

There is a J-League Kawasaki Frontale practice area and a horse riding club nearby, and it is located in a quiet and green country hill area.
Address 8-8-12 Katahira, Asao-ku, Kawasaki 215-0023, Kanagawa
TEL 044-712-0240
FAX 044-712-0239 (Maintenance And Service Section)
044-712-0238 (Office Section)
Traffic Access By Train:8-minute walk from Kurihira Station on the Odakyu Tama Line
By Car:About 30 minutes from Chofu IC/Tomei Kawasaki IC
* Along the Kanagawa Prefectural Road/Tokyo Metropolitan Road 137, go to the back with the sign of "ゆ (Yu)" of "Yukai Soukai Kurihira", and go to the right after crossing the Katahira River (Azumabashi).

Chiba Sale Office

It is easily accessible to expressway and convenient for on-sit transportation and car commuting in Chiba Prefecture.
Address Makuhari InterWells 21 Room B, 3-19-3 Saginuma, Narashino 275-0014, Chiba
TEL 047-455-8736
FAX 047-455-8737
Traffic Access By Car : About 2 minutes drive from Keiyo Road/ Makuhari IC, About 5 minutes drive from Higashi Kanto Express Way/ Wangan Narashino IC (2 parking area available)
By Train:15 minutes walk from Keisei Tsudanuma Station, 20 minutes walk from JR Makuhari Hongo Station
By Bus:5 minutes walk from Sodegaura 4-chome bus stop

Machida Head OFfice

Address 1191-4 Shinkojicho, Machida 195-0051, Tokyo
TEL 042-736-0061
FAX 042-734-8263

Sunrise Engineering Corporation has been in existence for over 30 years, we have consistently accepted air conditioning, water supply and drainage facility construction.
We flexibly handle design construction, maintenance and repair etc. with suggestions to customer’s requests.